How are we today? Yesterday i bought my first ever guitar amp! Some may have seen another thread asking for advice. I chose the Vox AC30VR. I went in wanting to play the 15w version, but because of good sales, none left in the entire country! 700 more on their way apparently... So anyway, i payed just under 600AUD. Pretty good deal i thought. Dust cover and a new 'spectraflex' braided lead thrown in. Happy as a pig in shit

So here comes the question. Please bear in mind that i'm completely new to this electric guitar thing. I played bass for 4 years previously, but after realising that i have no desire to play gigs, it got very boring by myself very quickly.
I want to build a frame/desk to sit my amp on, so that my housemate and i can store guitar cases, pedal boards etc underneath because room in our little studio is of a premium these days. We have my stereo amp and floor speakers, my new amp, his Randall stack (oh god how i hate that thing), and eleven guitars between us. Oh, and mountains of pedals and accessories etc... All crammed into a room not much bigger then a prison cell(that is an assumption, based off of the various crime and punishment based TV shows we are subjected to on a daily basis).

Wow. i got really off track there. Apologies. So the speakers would be at about stomach height, or about 800mm(roughly 32 inches) off of the floor. Will this affect the way it sounds? I know it'd be easier to just grab a desk or something and try it out, but to get a desk in there at the moment is a mammoth task. I need to tidy and organise this room. There needs to be good vibes for me to play, and when i can't move around at all without watching my feet or the headstock, it's not a lot of fun.

What are your experiences?
Would change the sound depending on where you're sitting. The only problem I'm seeing is causing large amounts of vibration through the table, leading to that horrible "loud subwoofer, vibrating around due to not being attached to something sound". Can't really explain it.
I'm a qualified Cabinet Maker, and a qualified Carpenter, so i'm not concerned about it falling apart or rattling etc, and i'm sure i can rig something up to make sure it doesn't move around on top due to vibrations. I play standing up 90% of the time, and if i'm sitting down, i'll be playing acoustically as there isn't even room for a stool in there at the moment!
It's extremely common. It actually improves the sound. Separating a combo from the floor helps with bass tone. I thought that would be good because it's pretty small, you could put stuff beneath and it would leave you more room for stuff around it. Then again, I don't know the exact situation you guys have there.

thats my closet. there is a bass amp underneath there, but thats the best shot. ignore the ads on the wall... i put them up there when i was 14. now im 21, never got around to changing them.

here is a more recent shot.

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Getting it up of the ground like that is about the best thing you can do for everything concerned. It will sound better, louder and make it easier to get to the controls.
At a gig you need to stick it on at least a milk crate, preferably two or you'll never hear it over the bass player and the drums. Even on the rare occasions where I've used my 100W JCM900 combo I've had to put in on a crate to make it sound decent without being so loud that it swamped the PA. When you are close to the amp you can hardly hear it if it is at your feet. Consequently everybody else gets blasted.
The same is true in a house. You'll have to blast the entire house to hear it properly. 3 ft off the ground would be just about right. Angle it up a bit too.
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