I'd been playing guitar for 5 years and then stopped playing for about a year, I used to own a Jackson Dinky dx10d but sold it before I moved to college. Now I'm a poor college student and want to continue playing guitar and I only have $350 at my disposal for a cheap setup. I don't need anything fancy but just something to help me relax after a hectic day and I don't want the hassle of having to re-tune so I'm planning to get a budget fixed bridge guitar and a cheap amp. So any suggestions? So far a used Ibanez Xp300fx or a used Ibanez RG with a line 6 amp seems to be a good idea but I want to know if there are other cheap used guitars that I'm unaware of.
PS. I mostly play metal.
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You could get a nice acoustic for $350..
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I'm not an acoustic player at all, I started with an acoustic so I'm very comfortable with one but I only play metal so I'd rather get a cheap electric than an acoustic.
I was also thinking about peavy vyper but I'm not sure if I should get an ibanez xp300fx. Are there other metal guitars of equal if not better quality for the same price (for a used one that is).
A Peavey Vypyr will be better than a Line 6 Spider.

I personally would not buy new because you get a much better used guitar for the same price. I'd either order a Japanese RG from eBAy, or hit up the local pawnshop, craigslist, and music stores for old Japanese guitars, or even a Mexican strat.