So....I thought i would share this song with you guys....still a little rough on the edges, but it hits really hard at first, but tones down to a melodic break...Perfect for a first track on the Demo in my opinion....Give it some criticism ....constructive or de-constructive will do fine!
new song.gp5
new song.mid
Note on genre- melodic hardcore refers more to a style of punk that takes a lot of influence from 80s hardcore, but also puts a lot of focus on melody in the vocals. The best example, I think, would be early Rise Against.

As for the actual song, it's alright. What set it apart from other similar metalcore type pieces, really was the sitar, and the various 'effect' instruments that track turned into throughout. Without that, you'd have a pretty generic and unoriginal piece here. I do really dig the sitar bits, though, even though it doesn't sound like something you'd play on an actual sitar lol

The vibrato thing that comes in at 38, and repeats throughout is awesome.

The shimmering tremolo bits didn't really work for me. If you made it sound more electronic, maybe even dubstep-y on the demo, that could pretty cool, though.

As is, though, I think you really ought to experiment with your guitar parts more. Don't stick to tried and true ideas that have already been exhausted. The moments where you did that were really what made this listenable.
Yeah this isn't melodic hardcore, this is metalcore. The first riff is generic but pretty decent, very acacia strain esque. I thought the next riff was pretty poor and boring until the middle eastern lead came in which i really enjoyed. Chorus was nothing special but did the job, fairly interesting progression.
It's the copy and paste, still sounds alright though, needs vocals obviously.
The trem section sounded annoying, maybe it's better with a real guitar. Piano sweeps in the chorus are a lovely touch.
It's definitely a solid song, not a lot I would change. Vocals would improve it a lot too.

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