Hello i have an rg series ibanez and i am going to change out the pickups. this guitar will only be used for one thing. Power metal/Shred. i don't want this nasaly kinda sound a neck pickup gets so i was thinking Evolution in neck, and Tone zone in bridge. Neck=Leads Bride=Rythms how would these pickups sound for the genre? and you think i should coil tap the evo? either way i have to replace volume and tone pots. and then theres the single coil in the middle. any suggestions for that? YJM Fury? air norton? Help and suggestions will be appreciated
I don't know what the "evolution" and "tonezone" are like, but you could try the SD George Lynch single coil for the middle too; it has a bit more of a power metaly sound I guess. They have little sound clips of a lot of their pickups at the seymour duncan site.

Also, if I am not mistaken the YJM Fury is actually one of those humbucker designs that just has the dimensions of a single coil (can't remember the name for those) so that is something to take into consideration. Of course, I could be completely wrong.
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make sure you play the tone zone before you buy it. I thought it would sound awesome because everyone uses it in shred but I found it sounds kind of bland and bassy - not for me. i ended up switching it back out.