Alright, so my warlocks floyd rose bridge is kind of ruined by it can probably be fixed, I just want to know if its possible to get someone to fix it and how much would it be.

Basically: There are two screws that hold the bridge in place on the guitar (the ones that are between the bridge and the bridge pickup). HOWEVER, one of the screws apparently dug into the wood and is leaning forward quite a bit. This causes the bridge to be uneven and some of the strings are higher than they're suppose to be and the high E is barely on the fretboard.

So where can I get this fixed and for how much?
They'll probably have to remove the post, fill the hole, and drill and re-insert the post again.
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how is this happens?If it is caused by construction flaws and still under warranty just change it to a new one.Repairing might just cost you no more than $40 here at my area.