Hi all, I've got a Taylor 312ce that seems to not want to work properly anymore. I can no longer get it to transmit through my amplifier for some reason. I was wondering if this was a common problem? Maybe has something to do with the internal wiring coming lose? I've tried multiple sets of batteries so it's not a dead battery problem. Any help would be appreciated!
There should be some wires going to it from the jack on the inside of the soundhole, if you take the strings off, you should be able to get you hand in there to jiggle them around, and make sure they are making good contact. Then make sure your jack is still connected good, which you can take a small screw driver, and remove the plate on the outside, which will allow you to remove the entire jack to look at it.

If everything checks out, contact Taylor's service department and see what they have to say about it, very rarely do preamps like this go out in my experience.