I took a quick look around and didn't see anything about this strange developement here, so I thought it would be worth a chat about .

This story can be viewed here: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2011/aug/24/federal-agents-search-gibson-guitar-factory-memphi/?partner=RSS and at many other sites and forums around the web.

The most salient point of this story is the fact the FBI is claiming Gibson's importing of ebony and rosewoods from India is illegal, due to a provision in Indian law which states that these woods must be finished by Indian workers before export.

That's the news, now the opinion!

Oddly, to me, this sounds like more of a union make work policy, than a legitimate law of a country that wants to trade in the world community.

The fact of the matter is, India has some of the biggest scabs on the planet in their work force, and they have no qualms whatsoever about taking American jobs. Just call your credit card company's customer service number. You'll no doubt be greeted by "Biff" or "Barbie", neither of whom sound like they're in Kansas anymore. For that matter, call your phone company, Western digital, along with a long list of huge corporations that send their CS off shore to save money. Being paranoid, I think it's to provide the worst CS they can provide, in order to deter you from trying to seek service.

So, that said, it seems like a gross miscarriage of American justice, attempting to enforce India's protectionist labor laws, at the expense of an American company such as Gibson.

If anybody has anything to add or rebut, please dive in!
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