I recently purchased some floyd rose tremolo upgrades for my floyd rose special on my dean razokback. The upgrades includes a brass L 37 mm sustain block plus some other goodies. However I made a mistake of ordering the 37 mm block instead of the 32 mm and the sustain block is too tall. Parts of the spring where the springs connect to the tremolo sustain block are hitting the plastic tremolo cavity cover. Am I in danger of affecting the sustain or tone of the guitar in any way? Any any attempt to pull back the tremolo will push the tremolo cavity cover out (by maybe like 1-2 mm). So far I have had no other issues but I want peace of mind.

I also saw a potential solution to getting at least 2mm more clearance by removing the a shim plate (stated as spring holder plate in an OFR diagram and goes between the tremolo plate and the sustain block) from the assembly. I was unsure if this would affect the sustain or tone too or if this plate is really needed or it acts more like a shim.

I really don't want to disassemble the tremolo again unless I am sure of what to do which could involve buying the correct size sustain block.

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EMG 81-x (N)/85 X (B)
Floyd Rose special (blocked with tremolo block) with 37mm brass L sustain block.
I would either remove the spring shim plate, or remove the plastic cavity cover and play without it. I would not play with the tremolo hitting the plastic cover though.
just play without the cover.....no real big loss unless your paranoid about....dust getting in?
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