Everywhere I go, Im joined by my feline friends who randomly appear. Anybody have any idea why cats follow me around?
I love cats. They tend to like people who like them, and who are relaxed around them and pay attention to them. If you fit that category, that is why cats follow you.
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Everywhere I go, Im joined by my feline friends who randomly appear. Anybody have any idea why cats follow me around?

Are you this guy?

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haha You pwned an entire website....i bow down...

Theres some crazy disease cats spread to humans. Like 60 percent of brazil and 30 percent of north america has it. Im sure I do too after all the cats Ive encountered.
Here's a wild theory > maybe you look a bit middle-eastern and they think you're gonna lead 'em to a huge sandy area where they can, you know, all litter about n stuff

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unless you're that dude, there's no way a cat would follow you unless it was hungry and had reason to believe you had food on you. selfish bastards.
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I thought this was about sex.
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Fuck yes you are the best poster ever

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Well, Charlie, maybe if you didn't have open cans of cat food all over your apartment, you wouldn't have cats following you everywhere...
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its stalking u to eat u

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You are so ugly they instinctively want to cover you up in the sandbox?
Solution: stop playing in the sandbox.

BTW, enjoy it because it will be the only pussy you will see for a long time to come.
The closest you'll ever get to a blowjob will be when a mosquito sucks you right on your knob.

No offence, I was just scoring an open goal. :-)
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I have the same problem with a cat in my neighborhood. I like cats and everything, but I've always been a dog person, so it's kind of strange.
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OT: Shave every single cat that comes near you, that'll learn 'em..

well it looks like you've got the makings of a Beastmaster!
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.