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Epiphone Les paul midnight with EMG81
6 43%
Ibanez RGR465 with Dimarzio D-activator &air norton
8 57%
Voters: 14.
ok here m confused which one to buy, as i love both EMG and dimarzio's unique sound.

1. epi les paul with EMG81 on it.
2.an Ibanez with dimarzio pickups installed.

i have played the epi in a store , really loved it, except had a little trouble soloing on the higher frets .i played for half n hour , and it was really giving a great feedback.

i have never played that ibanez , just saw on youtube. really love that tone. i think the d-activator and air norton makes a great combination on that ibanez.also it looks like it has a great playability.

please help me to decide ! thanks
They are very different guitars. Personally, I wouldn't touch either. The colour of Epi is just foul and I'm not a fan of floating bridges.
neither I'd get the PRS Tremonti for a budget guitar.
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I'll agree, I don't think either are the right choice for you. Don't get a guitar just because you like it's tone in a youtube video. youtube isn't an accurate representation of tone, and even if it was, guitar has very little to do with tone in general - that's mainly your amp.

If you liked the way the Epiphone felt, don't get an Ibanez. The necks are like night and day. Check out LTD, or even Schecter for a somewhat similar neck thickness.
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Can you provide year of production for Ibanez? The older it is the better for you.
The RGR has an EdgeIII. If you want a good Ibanez, find an Japanese RG on eBay. You can get an older 90s model for $500 and it will kill both of those guitars(though it's not really right to compare and Epi Les Paul to an RG anyway).