Hey UG I had a pacifica 921 sitting in my closet that was a red violet color so I decided to paint went with arctic white anyway I sprayed the last bit of clearcoat on the 15th it was really the last day before we got rain anyway I used nitrocellulose paint a and clearcoat. And will start sanding the and finsih on the 7th and needed some advice on how many times to hit it with each of the descending order of the paper?

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You only sand it until the scratches are gone from the last grit.

Thanks, this is my first attempt and have read and watched several videos on how to do it. I assume that moving your sanding block in a circular motion is the proper way to sand it, and the same for polishing as well?
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No, the best way is to go all in one direction with one grit, perfectly straight. then with the next grit, go teh exact opposite way. or else it will be hard to tell when you have gotten rid of the last grit scratches.

So I should use a like 4in sanding block and go over like an X then straight across and up and down instead of a swirl. Lol I just watched a video on youtube and the guy was using a sanding block about 3 in long and was doing the swirl motion. Apparently there must be more than one way to do it.
When you wet sand use the minimum amount of water... if it finds any unfinished wood it will swell.