Right now i'm using Exact Audio Copy, but it only allows me to rip 4 CDs. after that, i gotta buy it.

So, what other free CD ripping softwares are there that produce audio files in high quality? please recommend me something that allows you to rip in FLAC and MP3(320) format
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But EAC is entirely free?

It only allows me to rip 4 CDs....
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It only allows me to rip 4 CDs....


Check the site again and download the latest version.

I've ripped hundreds of CDs using it without a problem.
Windows Media Player for 320kb/s MP3's, I think there may be a way to rip to FLAC as well but I don't know how.
Freemake is excellent.
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Try this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bonkenc/
It also can make flac files like you said you wanted.

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Im pretty sure ou can set iTunes to RIP CD's at CD quality
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Yeah you can
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WMP can do MP3s at 320KBPS, and Lossless Files. Isn't that good enough?
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