i just tried to play my TSL 100 and after not even 2 minutes of playing the power just went down like i turned the volume down, and lost all clarity, after a couple times of turning the amp on and off still the same thing but now when i try to play the amp makes a really high pitched noise. any suggestions?
It definitely sounds like your tubes went, probably your power tube since you lost most of your volume and tone. But it is probably good to check your amp-speaker connections, fuses ect and see if anything looks broken.

But It's almost guaranteed to be one of your tubes, just remember if it's not your power tube but your other tubes to switch out all of your tubes so they all break in evenly.

If anything I typed seems crazy I apologize it's 3am
i checked all the connections and the fuses and everything seemed fine, but when i looked at the power tubes one of them seemed to be burning brighter than the other 3, is that common?
If you had the amp on long enough to warm-up the tubes then no they should both be same brightness, if they didn't one of your tubes would wear out faster then the other due to the heat.

So I'd say figure out what type of power tubes and how many you need(some amps have more then 1), go to your guitar shop with your amp and try swapping them out in the shop to see if it fixes the problem.
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it sounds like your power tubes. Im not sure if the pre amp tubes are gone too...which is a possibility...but that definately sounds like the power tubes to me
Heat can also exacerbate bad connections in the tube socket. Pull each one out, spray a bit of contact cleaner on the tube pins and work the tube in and out of the socket three or four times and then make sure it's seated properly. Then do the next tube. Check that all the pins are straight while you are at it. If they are bent, gently straighten them with a pair of needlenose pliers.
If that fails buy a full set of power tubes and at least one preamp tube. You should own that much in spares anyway so even if you don't use them it isn't wasted money. Try changing the power tubes first. If that doesn't fix it try your spare preamp tube in each position in turn and test, moving it to the next position until the fault disappears.
If that doesn't fix it, the amp will need to be pulled apart by a tech and inspected.

I assume you've already tried different cables? Wouldn't hurt to clean the phono sockets too. Do it the same way as I described cleaning the tubes sockets but use the plug on the cable for what you use the tube pins for. ie. spray the contact cleaner on the plug and work it in and out.
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If you gotta ask...

If you've had it for more than a couple years and its been played regularly you can expect that its the tubes. Even if it isnt the tubes....maybe still a good idea to change them.
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