I've been looking into getting into vinyl for a very long time now and I need some help. I'm quite skint, so I'm only going to be getting a budget TT + amp (using Grado SR-80 headphones atm which I feel is being wasted on youtube/mp3s, but will be getting speakers in the future). I plan to also upgrade the cartridge once I can afford it.

ATM, I'm looking at the Pro-ject Essential (£140).

Also, I have no clue about amps other than it needs a phono-out stage so if anyone can help me on that, I'd appreciate it. Also, I do require EQ settings on the amp, as I'm obsessed with mixing the volume to my particular taste.

Also, what makes the biggest differance in a hifi setup? The TT, amp or speakers?
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Figured this forum would be a good place to ask questions about turntables?

Did you not understand any of it?
Pro-Ject are good for the price. I have a debut 2. You could always look at used turntables for more bang for your buck ones to look out for would be the Rega planer, Dunlop systemdek or higher end pro-jects, I'd recommend buying a new cartridge if you do though.
I got 2 older direct drive turntables (early to mid 80's) that are really nice. I also got an Ion for mp3 conversion that runs into my computer. It is not great quality but good for the job. The 2 older ones i got for free and at a yardsale for $5 and they are both really nice. Just had to pickup a stylus online for a few bucks.
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