I'm looking for a multi effects pedal. I do NOT need amp/cabinet simulation, just effects (chous, delay, reverb, wah, ecc). I play rock and metal and my budget is 150-200€ so I can't afford good single pedals.


P.S.: I used to have a Boss GT-10, but I sold it a while ago to buy other stuffs. It was great, but had too many features I didn't need.
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I always recommend Boss, I have the ME-50 which works brilliantly for my needs.

If I was to replace it I'd check out the Digitech RP355, it seems to be the best available in the lower end price bracket.
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I use a ME-70, which is absolutely brilliant. It might be just above your pricerange, but if you'r willing to buy used you might be lucky! From my experience, Boss's are build like a tank, and the effects (I never use the ampsim since I'v bought a tube amp) work very well, with great stompbox-like controls.
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If you need just effects, then I'd look at the line 6 m5 or m9. They have good sounding effects and it doesn't have amp modeling.
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Regarding multi-effect pedals I'd always recommend the Digitech when we talk about the price. I've had a Digitech RP350 (yeah, got one of the last models woot <3) for about a year and a half, thing's never let me down, used it live, used it at home, used it at every rehearsal etc and it works wonderful, it can make unlimited amounts of sounds + not to forget it's a digitech pedal => overdrive, distortion, compressors and all other effects are made to sound BEAUTIFUL! You can create from massively haunting sounds to blazing distortion in literally a few seconds (really easy to use). Has a huge amount of cab emulations, amp emulations, famous sounds etc. The starting patches are mostly gay but you can still edit em etc. You've got 70 factory presets and 70 user presets and as I said hilariously easy to use The only downside is that the Vox Wah Pedal Emulation (Clyde Wah) doesn't sound exactly like a vox wah but still worth playing around. There are a few other flaws (has a bit of a lag like 0.5 secs when switching patches which can lead to a few mistakes whilst playing but the A/B amp button is instant so no prob to set a lead channel there) but the pedal offers A LOT for the price Alien flanged-out sounds? Check. Br00tal distortion? Check. Haunting and tearful cleans? Check. Bluesy overdriven tones? Check. Every-****ing-thing

Tl;dr: Go for a Digitech RP350 used/Digitech RP355

Edit: Forgot to mention you can set both Amp and Cab simulation to Direct meaning the pedal ignores those two and you straight out use only the effects.
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I have to ask if you use distortion with your amp or use distortion at all? In most cases people put the wah before distortion and delay after. Without knowing your rig and what tones you expect it's hard to know what to recommend.
You might be able to afford a used POD HD300. I'm not sure what they go for over there.
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