I'm looking for a solo acoustic piece to play in a school competition, and as I nearly always play accompanied electric pieces, I noticed after 4 hours of just managing to learn the first few phrases of "Rylynn" by Andy McKee, that I was being a bit ambitious.

So I was wondering if anyone could direct me to any solo acoustic pieces in a similar style that would challenge me but not so much that I literally cannot play it....
Any advice much appreciated.
Try some Newton Faulkner i.e. I need something or maybe some John Butler Trio - Ocean would be a good bet, pretty hard though
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Canon - Trace bundy is very nice to play and WILL get you laid (with the right audience of course). :S
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Those Who Wait by Tommy Emmanuel. its pretty simple, plus sounds amazing.
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Thanks for this guys, much appreciated, I will look them up immediately ( I cant think why i didnt go for Newton or Tommy in the first place)
Check out all the videos in the CandyRat youtube channel, there are a few in there which aren't as advanced as Rylynn which could be easier to play.

Here's a link


Good luck in your competition mate