Hey, I'm buying a limited edition American Standard Strat which has great potential, but I think the pickups could be better...

I play indie rock, effects driven, a combination of Foals type music and QotSA. As you imagine, I need quite a range of tones.

What would you recommend for this sort of set up?

Bridge - Sharp, lots of treble, mainly for single notes with overdrive
Middle - Diverse, good all round with a nice punch
Neck - Fat, clear clean tone, good with chords

Also, call me shallow but I'd like them to be available in black or chrome and preferably with a name on them to show off my upgrades!

Thanks a lot!
lace sensor, emg and seymour duncan print their brand names on their pickups. Heard good things about all 3 when it comes to strat replacement single coil sized pickups
I'm convinced that no matter what you want to play, BKP has the pickups you really need.

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Think I'm going for the Lace Sensor Plus Pack:

Blue in the Neck
Silver in the Middle
Red in the Bridge

Black colour

To confirm, would that fit my specifications do you think?

Thanks for your input guys!
i have heard wonders about the lace pups and back wen i had my start i was considering doing a lace set for it. i think they will give you the best versatility.

i feel like an active single coil is trying to put together 2 polar opposite things. and seymour duncan has just never really done anything for me, i don't find them to be all that great. i would also recommend checking out dimarzio. you could do a stacked single coil (humbucker in a single coil size) so that you will get the punch and clarity you want without the extra noise associated with some single coils. also, any of the dimarzio pups with the rails have a really nice punch to them