I really like building my own things and what not and I don't have an overdrive and i see pedal building is pretty popular so i was wondering if i make my own from a kit, will it sound pretty close to one i could buy? I want to build one like a Maxon Od808 or the Ibanez TS-808, and i found a kit from Build Your Own Clone.com that says its the actually schematics and components for a Tube Screamer. Im just wondering if it will work the and sound as good as one I could just buy. I would be using it too boost a Dual Recto if that means anything. thanks for the help!
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It's the same circuit, the difference will be in the layout, quality of components etc. It will by in large sound the same, you could even experiment with different clipping diodes to get cool alternate tones once you've built it. If you don't have a soldering iron already, the cheap radioshack irons will do for getting starting, but be sure to use sockets for transistors and ICs. Note, DIY is typically not cheaper for the same product as production in most cases, but can lead down a couple interesting roads after you've played a bit. Don't forget to check out Geofex.com for all sorts of effect pedals information and he even has an article on the Tube Screamer if you'd like to learn a little more.

It's much easier to use a fabricated PCB than it is a piece of perf board and create the layout yourself, much less to worry about, so it should largely be a successful first build. Don't forget to check all of your solder joints and switch wiring before trying the effect, getting discouraged after testing is makes diagnosing harder than just looking over the circuit to double check.
I was looking at a kit for $69.99 which isnt too bad i guess, the Maxon new is like $150 so, I have experiance soldering and making electronics, i built a ruby amp last year so i think it should be a matter of following the directions! I was just hoping that it wouldnt sound like garbage after i built it and im out 70 bucks
"It's not about who has the biggest stick, it's about how hard you can swing it"
Oh, okay. Yeah if it's the same circuit then you've got no worries. It's hard to patent/copyright schematics, layouts, however, are almost always protected. 150 is a lot to pay for a couple opamps diodes resistors and capacitors in a dirt box from a major company.