I bought a MXR dyna-comp and something isn't right.

If my amp is on the crunch or lead channel with the compressor on it works perfectly. I set the output to about 5 which matches the volume when its deactivated.

When I use my clean channel.and activate the compressor.. it almost completely cuts.the volume. Even if I set the compressor output to maximum it still doesn't come anywhere near the normal volume.

My amp works perfectly with all my other effects.. so is the MXR faulty? I've removed it from the chain and tried it on its own but its still the same.

Any help is much appreciated
My dyna comp has a trimpot inside. Is there a chance that could be turned too far one way or another? I've never had that problem with mine thought so I dunno...
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
i didn't know people used compressors on the clean channel

I had a MXR Super Comp and got rid of it

I do.
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