Hey guyz,

I have a twenty year old Aria Galaxie drumkit.
A friend of mine said old drumkits can have good value.

Does anyone know if Aria's from that age are descent drumkits?
And do they have extra value?


not sure about their drums, but i just picked up a 1976 aria les paul and its pretty nice!!!!!
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vintage drums don't go up in value like other instruments. I've got a pearl kit from the mid 60's and it's only worth a few hundred. Unlike most instruments, drums simply go down in value so vintage doesn't mean much. With most instruments vintage means higher quality than you get now days but with drums that simply isn't true. I'd suggest you take it to a couple music shops and see what they offer you for it. Chances are, a music shop, or pawn shop, will value it at around 40%-60% it's actual retail value. If you are selling it privately you should let it go at around 80% it's actual value.
Not taking any online orders.
I don't know the new price.
I got it free from my old neighbour xD.
And I really don't know the old retail price.
But probably for 150 euro's.