I've played my accoustic guitar for a few years now and Im looking to buy a good beginner/ intermediate electric 6 string for maybe £100-200 quid. I know this isn't a lot, but my guitar shop just overloaded me with info and I can't remember anything they said.

What are some quality brands, or guitars for the price range im looking for? Just the name of a make or anything would be helpful right now
Fender Squiers can be decent, though I'd try and stay away from the the Bullet and the Affinity series. Ibanez Gios seem to be popular budget guitars as well.

I don't know the exchange rate, but I'm guessing you're looking the bargain guitar range. Going used is always a great way to get a better guitar for your cash. But if you buy a bargain guitar, you'll probably want to upgrade down the road since it won't be anything great.
Because of your location I'd look at Vintage guitars. They are really nice budget guitars. Also Gould I belive makes an awsome LP copy for dirt cheap. both brands can be found in the UK
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You'll need an amp mind. I suggest getting a Peavy Vyper or Roland Cube and then spending whatever is left on a second hand Squier or Vintage.