Hi, i had been a mostly solid state player for a few years, but earlier this year i picked up a sunn a212 for cheap after being told it was their version of a twin reverb. It was very nice on the clean side for a tube amplifier (i dont expect most of them to get my shrill sound) the gain channel was very disappointing though with a very mild overdrive, and whenever i plugged my distortion pedals in it sounded muffled and terrible(and not in a good way) on both channels. anyway my solid state broke down so I basically have been gigging with this for a while. I really have no idea about tube amps so i dont know if this is common, or if its the tubes, or amp or what. if anyone has any answers they will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
may need new tubes. also run distortion pedals through the clean channel. with amps like that you need a distortion pedal as they just aren't designed for uses involving lots of dirt. my Legend is like that by itself nice clean tone and a little bluesy distortion any more forget it. run a distortion pedal or good overdrive through it and it comes to life.
duh, yeah i completely forgot about tube changing (not sure if they've ever been changed actually). Thanks.