Hey y'all!

I have a tuner and a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde.
I use a TRex fuel tank jr to power them.

But isn't this what you call "overkill" ?
I only use 2 pedals so maybe I should sell my Trex and use batteries ?

What do you guys think?

PS: I don't play on stage.
If you already have it, keep it and use it. I have heard very good things about T-Rex.
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I know but it's not really the point. I could sell it for 75€ (100usd) and I need the cash.
I would just use two AC adapters or DC, whatever your pedals use. Batteries aren't as reliable and in the long run it would cost less for the adapters than the batteries. Plus it is only two adapters, so it will only take up 1 more outlet than your power supply you have now.