Hey UG,

I have this problem with recording vocals.
Always when I record something through the mic, the 'signal-lines' (frequency lines or something like that;don't know how it's called :/ ) are very thin. The volume of the recording is also veeery low. I have to turn the volume and gain of the recording up a lot to make it hearable -above the guitars, drum etc.

I use a Sm-58 mic through the Studio-v20 Cakewalk hardware thingy. I don't know what the problem is and I hope someone can help me with this. I just don't understand why the damn thing can't properly record vocals. It just kills the volume of the recording..

Please help me find out!
Test that everything works. First I'd suggest you try another mic cable, if that doesn't help and everything else you record works fine through that interface you'll have to test another mic, if that works your mic is broken.
It shouldn't need a preamp. The V-20 should be able to handle an XLR type mike without any problem. If the signal from the mic is thin and weak, it means either a bad cable, defective input to the V-20 or possibly a bad mike. However, it's a SM-58, so it's almost impossible to destroy it. The only way to damage that mic is to use a cable that isn't balance and shoot 48v phantom power into it. That will damage it.