I just got the marshall jcm 900, and I currently am using the gain all the way up on the amp and no clean boost pedal with it. I have tried setting the gain on the amp at all kinds of places and the gain on the clean boost pedal at all kinds of places and no matter how I set it when the clean boost is on, I get some woofing/doubling kind of fuzzy shit that kind of sounds like when you use a distortion pedal on a distortion channel of an amp (but not that extreme by any means), But I still desire just a tad bit more gain then the amp alone can offer me, so is it worth it to give a tube screamer a shot, or does this mean my amp just has to be how it sits?
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Don't throw the gain on 10 on like, next to ANY amp, what clean boost are you using?

I'd say get a nice overdrive pedal, just put the gain all the way down, dime the level and tone control. It does the same thing basically, but I find overdrive pedals have more control.
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Yep gain on 10 will get ya that crappy fuzzy sound. Back down the gain and add some volume and are we talking about gig levels or bedroom levels??
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