Poll: How do you take your Tea/Coffee
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61 46%
41 31%
18 14%
Don't drink Tea/Coffee
13 10%
Voters: 133.
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Black, unsweetened tea. Fuck coffee.
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I drink early grey T 24/7. Just liked the taste. If early grey isn't available I have normal T with sugar.
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White, 7 sugars or more.

I'm going to lose all my teeth before I'm 25.
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Milk and 2 sugars, does the job nicely.
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Black coffee. Or with a bit of milk.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
A mug usually gets the job done
Not exactly a frequent poster.
Black with two sugars, sometimes a little bit of milk for both tea and coffee. But the tea bags must be Yorkshire tea and the sugar for the coffee must be demerara sugar
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I take my tea 1 sugar, no milk, and I rarely drink coffee.

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I drink early grey T 24/7. Just liked the taste. If early grey isn't available I have normal T with sugar.

I once had an Earl Grey frappuccino. Surprisingly nice.
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Coffee: Black with nothing added.
Tea: Black (or Green if I'm drinking that) with nothing added.

I don't understand people that pour half a gallon of milk and 10 spoons of sugar in their drink. If I'm drinking tea or coffee I want to be able to taste it.
Black and sweet, like my maid.
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I take it black, like my men.
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Coffee? Slightly brown, not to where it's sickening to drink, I just like it a little sweet.
Coffee with about a teaspoon of milk, and a bit of honey.

With tea it all depends upon the type of tea. I like my Earl Gray black, my oolong with a tablespoon of sugar, fruit teas plain, green tea with a drop of milk.
I take mine right up the bum.

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I pour coffee in my coffee to make it blacker than black

I don't drink coffee, but I sometimes have a green tea with lemon and honey.
I have mah coffee with a good amount of milk, to a lightish brown, and sugar.

Usually have to drink the cheap shit, doesn't really taste pleasant black, but if it's nice, black and sugar.
Tea, white with two sugars. Builders strength.

I've taken a bit of a fancy to Twinings Assam tea, good and string. not much of a fan of Earl Grey (although it's alright) but Lady Grey is rather nice as well.
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Coffee. Mississippi mud cut down with some milk and 2 scoops of sugar. Gets me going and makes me poop.
I take my coffee black, pour it right into my eyes. Gets the caffeine into my blood quicker, and makes me shit on the spot.
Both tea and coffee: no milk or cream, and a crap ton of sugar.
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black coffee
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Black, bitter, and strong coffee. When I drink tea I have it bitter too. I can't stand sweet in my hot drinks, (unless it's hot chocolate) one teaspoon of sugar or milk or anything else can mess it up for me

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Black tea with a teaspoon of honey. Like a boss.
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