I have a few songs uploaded to my "band/solo project's" Facebook that could really use some vocals on them. I have a friend who is the vocalist in the "band" and he writes AMAZING lyrics, but he recently moved an hour and a half away, so until he gets his own recording gear, it's unlikely that his vocals will be on my tracks for quite a while.

I'm mainly looking for a talented lyricist and screamer, who is able to record raw tracks at a decently quality, so I can mix them into the songs (please, no Rockband mics). If you can sing as well, that's great. I can sing, but I'm horrible at writing melodies for it, so if you have an idea for singing, but can't make it happen yourself, then we can work something out I'd really prefer if you write your own lyrics, as I think it's a creative process that allows a vocalist to really feel the song and make it their own, but I'd certainly be up for helping write them if you need it.

Here's a link to my Facebook page so you can listen to the songs and see if you're interested:


Please PM me if you might be interested. I'll probably forget to check this thread on a regular basis
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