Sup guys, Alex here, 19 from Belfast ... been looking to start a local Prog Metal band for far too long now.

Gear-wise I'm sorted, I'll be grabbing myself a custom 8 string in the very near future, I have a Bugera 6262 head, Mesa 4x12 cab, SM57s etc etc.

I also have a suitable drummer ready to go ... all we need are some good vocals and perhaps another guitarist/bassist. I'm not sure which would sit better in the mix with an 8 string but we're willing to try both.

Vocal wise I'm looking for something Fear Factory/Machine Head/EARLY Meshuggah/Deftones/Periphery sounding ... not cookie monster screaming/growling the whole way through.

If possible, upload a clip of your vocals so we can check you out!


Axe FX 2
Matrix GT1000FX
Mesa 4x12
Behringer FCB1010
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