Me playing the song "Mjød" by nowegian metal band "Kvelertak", please leave comments on the youtube page, because i check it more often than i check my UG.

Thank you and have a nice day.
Your playing looked okay, but please, fix your tone! It's way too trebly. If you're miking your amp, put the mic closer. And of course, the clean section was way too loud.
If you can avoid making your guitar tone sound like Nattens Madrigal and work on your timing on the part with the blast beat, that would be a great cover, and Kvelertak deserves more recognition anyway, so respect for that. You're doing fine.
^I agree. Your timing seemed a little off here and there, but my main gripe was how buzzy your tone was. Still, good cover of an awesome band!
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Ok thanks i just realized my tone was way off. I just got new pickups, it takes a while to get used to passives. About the blast beat part, it sounds like its tremolo picked, and its pretty hard to time that way.