well there it is, today i got my jackson RR1!!!

First impressions:

this is my first V shaped guitar....so playing sitting down feels a bit awkward, but hey i got it about one hour ago! it'll take time but its worth it! it comes with an original floyd......i reaaaallly dont like trem but it was so cheap (i almost feel like i stole it!) i decided to get it anyways, since i dont use the trem i just take the bar out and might block the trem all together later.

I always thought accessing those high frets would be a bitch but....not really no! i guess its easy since its a neck-through... i imagine it'd be harder if it was a bolt on.
otherwise it feels great and plays great and i really like the neck!...i have a DK2M and a Kelly JS32 and although it pretty much the same (i suppose) it somehow feels better...maybe because its painted and i really love painted necks!

it has Seymour duncan pick ups, i love the neck pick up, really really clear, notes are defined and clear, the neck pick up is....goood....ish, for what i play i think i'll end up chanching it because its not punchy enough. since i've been walking away from EMG's i think i'll put in some bareknucles (maybe a painkiller).

other than that....it's all standard for a jackson, awsome quality instrument!!! oh yeah and really good balance! i had it between my legs, let go and the guitar was perfectly in balance, even when i stood up! i thought it would neck dive but no!

i must admit, i only got it because it was a good oportunity to get a high quality guitar for the price of a DK2, since i dont like the trem and i already knew i would like the bridge pick up, but i still dont regret it! i only took 2 pics...ill make some more tomorrow!

HNGD! I bet it plays nice. What year is it? Also what Duncans are in it?

I think once you get used to holding the guitar between your legs, you'll find that it's the most natural way to play and provides easier access to the higher frets and is great for sweeps.
I like the paint job.

I thought it was NGD? (What do I know though, I'm just a dumb '11er )
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Very nice, but whats an Ndg?
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He misspelled NGD.

That finish looks really familiar..

Oh yeah, its been on my Cl for months.

Skull Finish
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Welcome to the US Jackson club! Awesome guitars!
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Very nice, but whats an Ndg?

New Delicious Guitar.

That Rhoads is amazing. Happy New Delicious Gutiar Day.
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haha yeah i misspelled it such a jackass!

@W4RP1G: its from 2003 (at least that's what the guy told me) and it has the classical TB-4 and jazz Duncans. again i like the jazz but i never really liked the TB-4!

@LP_CL: thanks it was about time!!!

at least one thing's for sure, you learn very fast how to play that thing while sitting down, its easy and even if i let go of the guitar it stays balanced and doesnt fall