Sorry for this noob question, but I am a newbie to playing guitar (and using this site). I bought my guitar (Fender DG-60) about a month ago and have been playing every day for about an hour. About two weeks in, I noticed something strange. When I strum the guitar quickly on the b and high e strings, I hear a strange ting sound. It is hard to describe. It sounds like lightly tapping a metal chime. The pitch is very high, and it is not a buzzing sound. If the guitar is out of tune, the sound is very noticeable. When it is in tune, the strange sound is not that loud, but you still can slightly hear it. It has resonance. When I take my pick and lightly tap the guitar on the b and high e, I can actually hear the sound.

The thing it, for those two weeks, I did not hear the chime-like sound, but now I hear it. I took it into guitar center (where I bought it) about a week ago. It was late at night and the guitar tech was not in, so I had to ask one of the guys who worked there. I told him the problem, and he started to play my guitar. He did not strum the guitar, only picked individual strings very lightly. He told me, “I don’t hear anything. Don’t worry, guitars are supposed to make sound…” I was pissed at his attitude, so I left. It has been about a week now since my short visit to guitar center and I still hear the noise, and it really bugs me. My guess is I need to change the strings. The guitar was a display model at guitar center, so probably many picked up that guitar and started playing. But the strings don’t look bad. I read online that if the guitar is discolored, I should change the strings. They didn’t look discolored, but when I took a rag and rubbed on the strings (b and high e), it produced some sticky, dusty substance. I don’t know, I am not an expert, but I want to figure out what the problem is before the 30 day return expires. My cousin is a musician and he wanted to give me a lesson or two, but he has been busy. He was actually the one who picked the guitar for me. So… what might be the problem with my guitar? Am I delusional?
change the strings always chage the strings when you get a new guitar

what youre probably hearing is the other strings ringing out when you strum the higher string(it isnt much of a problem just mute the other strings as you play)
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change the strings always chage the strings when you get a new guitar

what youre probably hearing is the other strings ringing out when you strum the higher string(it isnt much of a problem just mute the other strings as you play)

Do This. Strings are around $5, if it is still doing that then you can take it back, or take it to a guitar shop, they may just do a free evaluation.
You can try changing the strings, if you haven't done that yet then you will notice a big improvement so it's never a bad idea.

As for the noise you hear it's hard to say exactly what it is without hearing it for oneself, if I had to make a guess it's possible that your finger/pick is catching on one of the muted strings that your not playing.

It's also possible that the Ting you hear is from the one of the washers on the head of your guitar vibrating, go through all your strings and pluck each one hard and see if you can hear the sound. Ignore the fret buzz and just see if you can pick out the Ting, if you can hear it then all you have to do is tighten the nut above the waster when you go to restring your guitar.
Do a quick test for me... Strum the strings hard and then place your fingers on the strings past the nut of the guitar (where they enter the tuning mechanism) and if it is what I think it is, it should stop.

If it is, congrats on hearing it and getting annoyed by it! Many guitarists, including me, get annoyed by this and stuff a cloth underneath the strings there. Its perfectly normal for a guitar to make it.

It does sound like you need to change your strings anyway, they sound pretty manky :p
Fuck the system - Use non-standard tunings!

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Having just started to play, these are things that really should be found out by your dealer/repair person. Your curiosity will on help you learn more though (and that's alright!).

Based my experience, the possible causes could be:

1) One of the strings in the head area (between the nut and the machine heads/tuning pegs) is singing along with your strings, literally). This is most annoying when the strings here are touching the adjacent one or a tuning peg on the way by to the next. It should be rare in new guitars (because its a no-brainer to not create these faulty angles in making the instrument), but there are some wacky designs out there!

2) A screw or metal part is loose and vibrating in the area of the tuning pegs/machine heads (gently tighten with a screwdriver).

3) Faulty string, or two.

4) A loose bracing piece inside the guitar (needs to be fixed by a repair person).

5) The saddle is too low, causing there to be a lack in 'breaking angle' where the string meets the saddle, coming out from the holes in the guitar/pegs. There are at times a few design problems with saddles - this is only one and it is best assessed by a repair person. I would say this is rare but I'm not an expert on this. I played a bit on one with this and it sounded a bit distorted.

6) The action is too low or the neck has the wrong (convex) curve in it (a repair person will make the necessary truss rod adjustment).

7) 6 tiny ball-bearings from a bicycle are rolling around on the inside of your guitar. Solution: Remove them (been a long day and that's the full extent of my humor, sadly.)

I hope your fix it and have fun with your acoustic!


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i have never had the problem u have but the noise you are discribing sounds like a harmonic. maybe you are strumming hard enough your strings vibrate aginst the fret ever so slightly enough to ring out a harmonic. that being said i have no idea and if u figure it out then update us.

ps. never go to guitarcenter for service. if u go there to buy a guitar deny help from a saleman.
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