I bought a second hand JCM DSL 2000 100w head about 6 months ago! This is my first tube amp and I know very little about them.

I was playing last night and left it on for 5 mins, when i came back I turned the volume knob up on the guitar and the amp switched off! It has been making a buzzing noise of late but I thought that might just be the distortion of my pedalboard! It wont switch back on so I'm not sure whats happened! Is it that the tubes are gone? Fuse blown? I'm not too sure!? Also, I didn't get details of the previous owner on the age and make of the current tubes so I dont know what ones to get to replace them!

Any help would be good! Cheers!
hmm, not to sure on that model but is there an overload light on the back of the amp head? Maybe a blown fuse. Pull the fuses out of head and if they are black, they are blown.
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You blew a fuse, it sounds like, which is generally the result of some other problem in the amp. Might be your tubes.

Since the amp was second hand and you have had it for six months, you probably have to change the tubes anyway.
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