Not sure if I'm in the right forum, but.... I'm an advanced guitar player and the music teacher at my local high school wants me to pick some simple songs on guitar to teach to the beginners in her rock guitar class. Granted almost none of them have ever played before, what are some simple, quick and easy hard rock or rock songs to teach them? Preferably electric guitar songs, but acoustic works too. Long as it's rock and roll. Give me some ideas, I've been scanning my music library all night. haha.
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Sweet Jane - and if they don't like it you know there's no hope of them ever developing taste, never mind chops.
If they have never played before you should probably spend a while teaching technique first. Don't want them learning songs with the wrong technique and pick up bad habits. Although I'm assuming you know this so to answer your question a few easy songs that they will enjoy are Crazy Trian, One, Enter Sandman, Back n Black. Probably just the intros to those songs depending on how far they can get.
Story of My Life - Social Distortion
Down on the Corner - CCR
Wonderwall - Oasis
Eight Days a Week - The Beatles
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guitarrocker100: They've already had a few technique lessons, I probably should've mentioned that. I'm not the teacher of the class, I was just asked to help out. Thanks for the suggestions though. Keep 'em coming, UG.
1989 Kramer Showster
Rogue RADH Acoustic
Fender CD-60 Acoustic
Washburn XB-100 4 string
Peavey Millenium AC BXP
Fender Rumble 150
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Crate BV412 Cab
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Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison
Lookin out my Backdoor- Ccr
Wild Thing- ?
Nirvana, greenday and blink182 have some really easy songs too for a bit more modern stuff.
SMOKE ON THE WATER< First riff anybody should learn :p...
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Rock you like a Hurricane (only the main riff)

Anything with powerchords is simple.
Louie Louie is really easy and pretty cool. Back in black is really cool too. Can't go wrong with Crazy Train, Paranoid or Enter Sandman
American Girl-Tom Petty, Rock n Roll all nite-Kiss, Bro Hymn-Pennywise, Cat Scratch Fever-Ted Nugent, Salvation-Rancid, Glicerine-Bush, Santaria-Sublime, Any Greenday or Blink 182
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Alot of green day songs have powerchords.

Smoke on the Water- probably one of the first songs to learn. However, I only learned the riff last week. I never really liked that song so didnt bother for a few years

One step closer by Linkin Park. The only (maybe) difficult thing is that it has 1 natural harmonic and there are alternatives to that.

Some acoustic songs that work on electric:
Wonderwall - sounds better with capo but it works anyway
The Messenger- simple and good. has three chords that are the same as wonderwall and a very simple strumming pattern.

Animal I have become - three days grace: pretty easy again.
You give love a bad name - bon jovi. Just teach them the main riff. power chords again

I really think that you should teach them alternate picking and a few simple chords/strumming pattern. Especially alternate picking, you dont want them to get used to downpicking the entire time because it'll be really hard to get them to learn alternate.
A fun game that I came up with (5 seconds ago) is to tell them to look away from their guitars, you name a string and they have to pluck it without looking. I figure it'll help one way or another
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Any Ramones song, any Clash song, any Greenday song, most Nirvana songs are pretty easy, you could probably teach them About a Girl or Floyd the Barber they both even have really simple solos.
These were the funnest, easiest songs that i was able to learn all the way through in my first months playing

House of the rising sun - the animals
When I come Around - Greenday
12 Bar blues
Hey Joe (progression) - Jimmy Hendrix
Last Kiss - Bob Dylan
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
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The easiest songs for beginners are usually songs from:

Bob Marley (No woman no cry, Jammin, I shot the sheriff)
Nirvana (Smells like..., In Bloom, Come as you are)
AC/DC (Back to black, Thunderstruck, Big Gun)

They got cool riffs with immediate effect, power chords, fun and easy.
Ask the kids in the class. Pick one from the suggestions that EVERY KID IN THE CLASS KNOWS!!!!!!!

Ignore any suggestion that you should teach a song that they don't already know.

You will probably end up with something that is on a Guitar Hero game. I'll bet every kid in this class has played (and liked) Guitar Hero.

Go for something with no more than 3 chords, but with a recognizable riff.
I'd love to play most of them starting out. But I'll stick to getting down Happy Birthday, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and London Bridges first. Sorry, just an opinion of a "crawler".