so im thinking i might pull the trigger on a mesa roadster 212 combo later in the year, but before i decide on that, i need to know how feesible making a headshell to hold only the chassis is.

because im probably going to buy a recto 412 cab before that for my current amp, and lugging a 100lb cab and 100 lb amp makes no sense, I know it may not make a ton of sense but how hard is it make a headshell, and can switching between the headshell and original combo alot damage the chassis?

oh btw, off topic, but what kind of headstock would you put on a 7 string explorer if you were to custom build one? im still batting the idea of building one in spring, and i wouldnt want to use the standard hockey stick headstock but have no idea how a 7 string KL headstock would look like. and do you have to oversize the body for a 7 string guitar?