Does anyone know who this bass soloist is? Polish nationality possibly if that helps

I was on holiday in Poland during the summer, I was in a shop called 'Empik', may seem like pointless information but it could help for all I know.
This seemed to be a live album of this artist, it was all bass solos with a band playing behind. The reason as to why I think the artist may be Polish is because there was some brief talking between a song (since it appeared to be a live performance / album) talking in Polish, but that doesn't necessarily mean that this person is.
I would love if someone could shed some light on who this person is and even better, what the song is too.

Video link...

You've never let me down guys, I hope someone can help me out here...
Thanks in advance!
I was just interested in the audio, not really any point recording around, would've probably got told to put the camera away anyways, two security guards were there and businesses get real funny about recording these days.