Hello, I've had before self released my first Dark Ambient album with Raised fist production under Hélvete, but this would be my official black metal record in the making, by in the making, I have a contract "6 months" temp. With Peaceville, to re-master my newest demo/album known as Night Raven.

Here's a song, it's called Cloned in a Crematorium, I hope you all enjoy it. I am a one man band, but that is going to change soon, so work from this demo album is done all by me. It sounds rather old school BM, so I hope any Darkthrone, or Mayhem fans out there would notice the influence.


And second song "Night Raven" title after the album.


Try to give good criticism, after all this whole thing will be re-mastered, of course "More organized" The quality will always remain Necro and tru.
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Good vocals. Could use stronger guitar playing though. Like the riff is cool, just like better playing of said riff. Coolstuff.
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Good vocals. Could use stronger guitar though. Coolstuff.

Thanks, I put another link up too after I edited my post, so if you want to listen to that, by all means do so.