Hey guys and gals,

I am new to anything besides combo amps and I was hoping someone could give me some advice with converting my Carvin SX200 (100w 2x12) into a speaker cabinet to use with a tube head. I think almost no modifications need to be made since the speakers have a 1/4 cable that plugs into the electronics of the combo (I assume I can just unplug it and replug it into a head?).

Assuming that is doable, the 2 speakers are 100w and 16 ohms. I think that means the head needs to be 8ohms? But I have no idea what wattage head I should be looking for.

If anyone could give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

And any suggestions on a specific head would be awesome. I play mostly blues and thrash, and my budget could be stretched to about $700, but I would like to spend around $500.
why not sell the amp, and buy a cab, used or new and get some quality speakers for it? this is only a good idea if the amp is broken, or something.
Buy a KMD cabinet. I have a 1989 KMD 4x12". It's valued around $450-$500, depending on the buyer/seller. I got it for free though, which is awesome.
Well my current combo is SS, and I am looking to get tube quality sound. So I was thinking instead of buying a cab AND head, I would just use my current amp as the cab.

Idk, maybe I am just wrong in thinking like that.