We are gonna do one song at a studio recording live. Our singer wont be there. How much time will we need to do this 2 hours?
Depends entirely how well you know the song.
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If the drums are perfectly tuned & you have your guitar & bass tones properly EQ'd (collaboratively) so that it won't sound like a muddy mess on a recording (which is very different to setting an amp for a gig), and any other instruments are up to a similar level of preparation BEFORE you get to the session, depending on how long the engineer wants to spend getting mic positioning right & experimenting to get the best results, you may get a take or two in two hours, but it's unlikely, unless your engineer is a numpty.

Obviously you all have to know every single part of the song inside out (your own parts, how they fit with other instruments, section lengths, tempo, changes), and your drummer has to be completely comfortable with playing to a click track.
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