Hey im having some trouble with my guitar and im hoping one of you can help. My high E string is always out of tune. I mean it is perfectly in tune when its open, but the higher the note goes, the more flat the note is, and i have to bend it usually to get it in tune. There is nothing wrong with the string, because it has done the same thing to multiple E strings. I think somethings wrong with the bridge. PleAse help? My guitar is an Ibanez GAX30 by the way. Thanks!
You need to fix your intonation. By adjusting the bridge.
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How exactly do i do tht? Its only the E string... My real question is how do i do tht exactly? Fix the intonation?
yea its ur intonation . . youtube ibanez intonation

it relates to the length of the string from the bridge to the nut . . and length cut in half
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