i've been working on a song. so far i have the 1st verse and the chorus. but im having a hard time creating chords for it. whatever i do sounds like creep by radiohead. while thats a good song i dont want my song to sound just like theirs although it will have the same message. any suggestions so far?

It's clearly obscured
How life is absurd
If you asked me
I'd watch tv
Hear the news
Go play the blues
Feeling kinda sad
I'd go get mad.

If you know me ( hold out "me" )
Then you know how ( hold out "how" ) i'd like to be clean
Know how i want, to be normal
But know, i'm not normal
Feel, like i should go
Feel, like im growing old
Feel, like im dirty
Feel, im not worthy
No, im not worthy.
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Songwriting & Lyrics is really about the lyrics only, not the musical aspect of it. It will be too hard for people to put reasonable chords to your lyrics, sorry.