This past weekend I received the Boss RC-30 Loop Station for my birthday.

I tried it out tonight, and while the loops worked great, the sound was very muddy. There was no clarity whatsoever.

I had it hooked up like this:


I'm using a Epiphone Les Paul and a Vox AD30VT amp. I've got the inputs and outputs connected right according to the instructions.

However, when I play high notes and then loop over them with chords, the high notes are effectively drowned out. I'm even playing on a clean sound with no effects.

Does anyone have any recommendations for clearing up the sounds? I'm relatively new at all of this guitar stuff. Do I need a speaker to pipe everything through to make it clearer?

I keep thinking I need a speaker because I feel like my amp can only handle so many guitar sounds before it becomes muddy. Unfortunately, I don't really know if that's right or wrong. What do you think?

Thank you for the help! I really appreciate it!
turn down the volume (on your guitar) when you play chords over single notes, or turn up the volume when you play single notes over chords
Does your amp have an effects loop?
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If the RC-30 is the same as the RC-3 (except for stereo) then it has a volume knob, adjust that yet? Also, maybe, record the loop via software and load onto the looper, see if that helps..... (as opposed to actually recording direct to the looper).