...but I can not keep a good grip on them. Not as well as I'd like.

Help? Dost thou knoweth any suggestions for similar, yet grippier picks?
I don't really see how a pick can actually make you pick faster. I always felt that the pick facilitates faster picking if you have proper technique though. Jazz III's are cool. I like them for lead playing. Rhythm though, I need something bigger. Green Tortex is my go-to pick.
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jazz 3 are way too small, why so many people like them is beyond me.

i use the ibanez paul gilbert picks, they make you pick faster and they are big enough... the downside is that you litterally destroy them in a few days.

No, they don't. Picks won't make you pick faster. You may be able to control your picking better with them, so you can play faster, cleaner, but they won't make you pick faster.

Jazz III's are good because their size forces you to improve your technique or you'll sound sloppy. Some people don't like that about them, its not a big deal, just use what feels good to you.

As La Qotsa said, the Max Grip Jazz III's are grippier than the standard ones. You can get them in carbon fibre too as well as the red nylon and black stiffo materials, which is pretty cool
I've found I can play rhythm just fine with a Jazz III, I don't see how there should be any problems, although I guess my technique differs to yours.
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Dunlop Ultex Jazz III's work great!
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What I like about jazz 3 picks is the fact that i seem to have better note definition during fast alternative picking runs. I also like the fact that you can very easily do pinch harmonics with them
yeah dunlop stubbys 1mm


dava picks, the small, jazz 3 sized ones. not the full size.
I havent tried the normal Jazz 3s or the grip ones but I do have the Ultex Jazz3s and I get a great grip with those. I love Jazz 3s too, theyre so easy to control. Also the ultex jazz3s are long lasting like hell, Ive been using just 1 pick for the last 6 months and its still pointy as new. theyre great and dont sound much different than other picks, just a bit fatter.
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