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I have been listening to a lot of Joy Division, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, and all those post-punk/gothic rock music. So I kinda made this grimy, minimalist song. Has the typical guitar, bass, synth and drum format of the aforementioned bands. Also I made this in Guitar Pro 6. I exported the file to GP5 and MIDI and may possibly sound very different in both the formats.
Post-Punk WIP.gp5
Post-Punk WIP.gpx
Post-Punk WIP.mid
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I like the ideas in the song a lot. Though (and this might be due to you wanting it to be minimalist) I felt the song was lacking a bit in low end. I added some low synths in the background starting at bar 45, and I thought it made it sound better, personally. Also, it's probably due to GP6's limitations, but I don't know if I like the tone of the lead synth. :\

All in all, though, I quite liked the song. I'm linking it again with the changes I made, if you're interested.

If you wouldn't mind, could you take a listen to my song?
Post-Punk WIP (changes).gpx
I wrote a song about war...
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As I go:
Okay the song starts off fine, wasn't a fan of the feel it had going, but it worked. I was kinda hoping for some more punk, but I'm not too familiar with post-punk to be honest. And when the synth comes in, well I don't really like the sound of it. The fifths make it a little weird. Personally, I would use something like Lead 6 Voices. Im not sure if its different in GP6 or not, but to clear things up, I'm in GP5. Also, I'm not quite impressed by the melody the synth part does. I feel like since the guitar isn't doing anything melodic, the synth should have a catchy melody.

I thought the chorus was really nice. The high bass notes worked well for the sound. In the synth melody, I thought you had some good ideas, but again, it didn't work too well for me. But I liked bars 33,34, and 40. Didn't really feel the interlude much, but it worked well for what it was. Third verse was good, I liked the synth part there a lot, but once again, not a big fan of the tone (MIDI's fault, not yours)

Overall, it boiled down to taste a lot of the time, but I think you could definitely rework the synth at some points to make the song much better. Could you crit one of the songs in my sig?
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@mka12992: I agree with the tone for the lead synth. I don't have Ableton on me right now so I couldn't get close to the desired sound I wanted. Otherwise I wished it would sound more like Cure/Sisters of Mercy type synth. And I kind of like your idea for the low end. Just not make it as loud I guess and not do the chord thing too much (keeping it minimalist as I said).

@Mean Mr Mustard: Post-Punk is VERY different from regular punk. First time I listened to Joy Division way back I was expecting some fast paced Dead Kennedys stuff and it was the total opposite. And if the GP5 file sounds anything like the MIDI one, then I would agree on the tone 100% because I REALLY dislike the tones on the MIDI.

I'll Crit both your stuff now.
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the vibe of this song was kinda weird. like.. its cool because it has that 80's feeling to it but but the bass is really boring because it doesn't? the bass kinda just does what the guitar does, you could make it a whole lot groovier, you know? the synth kinda freaked me out though because its what really set the vibe and it was just weird. not necessarily a bad thing but just something to take into consideration. it sort of reminds me of the smiths with the overal tone and shit though so i guess thats good. essentially, new bass line is what you need.