So, as you can probably guess when you read the song, I was in a real "revenge" type mood :P So looking for some critism...it's really raw at the moment, but that could be a good thing.....

Oh God, here we go again,
Facebook wars on end,
Tell me I'm so bitchy and pretend, your not alone.
Say your so over my crap,
Tell me what was that?
Where's your sanity at, in this material town?
You hide behind that screen,
And go for everything,
Her name is Anni, and I hope she hears it loud,
Come on scream..

When you see me face to face,
You have nothin’ at all to say,
Coz your weak and you could never be free,
Like I have the will to really speak.
Your a liar and your just so red,
Coz you know that Ill never forget,
You remember this day right now in this chorus,
If I’m the bi*** then you must be the wh***
And I’ll never be low enough to win this facebook war.

A sl** is one who blows,
Gets STI’s you would know,
And Im not the one who buys clothes, three sizes small.
I heard your screams in that fall,
Your nothing now Im so tall,
I feel sorry and that this is all, I could ever be.
And now I know you were a liar,
Coz you got so burned in the fire,
When you cried on my shoulder, You were cryin’ wolf.


Your just jealous and mean,
And thought nothing of me,
You wanted to see,
Me sink down to your level,
ouBut my past made me strong,
And you always had me wrong,
In my past is where you belong,
And I hope you see in this facebook war and in the end,
I was always two steps ahead.


Yeah, the girl who became nothing,
Her name was Anni.

Soooo, what did you think? I bleeped out the swearing, 'cause, well, there was a lot :P
Anyways, hope you like it
A wee bit angry, isn't it? It might be a bit intense as a solo acoustic song. But then again, intense can be good.
Dude, where's my band?
In my mind it's not an acoustic song, it's more electric I just haven't worked out all the bits and pieces but thanks for the reply
Keith Brofsky / Getty

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The breast-feeding wars have long followed a familiar pattern. A woman gets thrown off a plane for nursing her toddler; she sues Delta. Barbara Walters says sitting next to a breast-feeding woman made her "uncomfortable"; ABC's headquarters get surrounded by 200 women staging a "nurse-in." Maggie Gyllenhaal is photographed nursing her daughter in public; tabloids rush to either praise her as a role model or tell her to throw a blanket over her shoulder.

The sides have been distinct: breast-feeding advocates insist that women should be able to nurse anytime, anyplace, while opponents use words like discretion and discomfort. But the latest battle apparently has nothing to do with the best way to nourish a baby or the boundaries between private and public. It's about the nipples, stupid.