ive got a gibson les paul standard 2008. Love the sound it has, but Id like to get a guitar with a tremolo.
Thinking of getting a jackson, rr1 or rr3. Is the sound similar to the guitar i got now ?
Or if you know any other guitar sounds familiar to lp standard, but with a tremolo.
thanks !

i love the effects you can do live, squeels etc. thats why i want one
Quote by Robfreitag
you could get another gibson les paul with a tremolo...

$2000 for a tremolo ? with that money id want something little more different
If you like The Les Paul and want a wammy bar Epiphone makes a Pro/FX Plus top that is a great guitar.As an added bonus it will not break the bank price wise. People tend to think a LP must have the stop bar/tune-O-matic bridge system. Go out shopping. Try before you buy! You just might find a guitar that latches on to your ass that you would have skipped over browsing web pages.

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