Hey, would really appreciate some opinions on some music I have in my profile.

Early Morning Rain is a song my friend wrote and we have started playing as a 4 peice (although the drummer wasn't around to do the drums and I have no way of recording drums well at the moment). It is quite a slow paced indie/pop kind of song, really a long way from my usual style, I'm mainly into punk and hardcore, but I like playing other styles as well. I'm playing lead and drums programming, Martyn (who wrote the song) is rhythm and vocals, and bass is by Mat. We tracked this in my spare room and I mixed it on Reaper. it is my first mix using a DAW and I really had no idea when it came to EQing/compresion etc so it may be a bit ropey in places. Recorded onto a Fostex MR8 MKii through some cheapy mics (TBone knock off of the 57 and 58). Distorted guitar proved a pain in the ass to record (I live in a flat and have a 50w all tube combo) so I ended up recording through a Korg AX100G -> Behringer MIC100 preamp into an ISP decimator. The Korg was noisy as hell, especially through the preamp, so the decimator was on quite high. Any thoughts/comments/questions much appreciated.

Back stab is a funny one, it is a rythm section I programmed getting on a decade ago, guitar I recorded last year(?) and some synth/noise stuff done on a Kaossilator early this year, recorded and mixed down on the Fostex. Again, any thoughts or comments are much appreciated!

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