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SquierLolz = Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
9 82%
niejel = Broken Sonnet - Hale
2 18%
Voters: 11.
Guitars, Easy Tier

So who did better in the easy category? Mind you, please listen first to the song before voting. Vote for the skill, not because the song is your favorite.



SquierLolz: Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
niejel: Broken Sonnet - Hale
i voted for niejel because he is wearing the same shirt as i am, also, i do not vote for myself, however, below this post, it is now forbidden to vote for niejel.

lol just kidding
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I voted Squier. Sounded perfect.
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I am voting for myself because I am an egotistical prick. Note that I vote only for myself.

Take note, those who will be voting for SquierLolz will be banned from the CAOTPM.

LOL just kidding. I just feel that the damn editing was worth it. :lol: