Calling All Of The Pit's Musicians V3.0, Guitars - Intermediate Tier

Poll: Guitars Intermediate - Who rocked better?
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Snowman388: Black - Trivium
2 12%
pjuckazz: Black - Trivium
3 18%
niejel: Hotel California - The Eagles
5 29%
laid-to-waste: Icarus Lives! - Periphery
7 41%
Voters: 17.
Guitars, Intermediate Tier

So who did better in the Intermediate category? Mind you, please listen first to the song before voting. Vote for the skill, not because the song is your favorite.



Snowman388: Black - Trivium
pjuckazz: Black - Trivium
niejel: Hotel California - The Eagles
laid-to-waste: Icarus Lives! - Periphery
My link is broken, I couldn't upload my track. Probably should remove me.


It was close between Allen and laid-to-waste. I picked Allen, because your solo was fantastic. Laid-to-waste, you have the superior dancing and jumping skills.
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tough call. they were all pretty good. voted for niejel in the end, I thought you did a good job with that song.
i sorta slipped and voted for myself. my bad. stupid revealing poll
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lol how did snowman get votes!? he has no video/audio?? his votes should go to me because we are song brothers sharing the same song
I thought all of them were good, had a tough time picking one, so in the end it came down to laid-to-waste's dancing skills.
Can I vote since I didn't get a chance to submit?
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