Just curious if anyone owns or has tried out the Egnater Rebel 30 amp.

I have a chance to get the head and cab version for a pretty good deal.

I play mostly classic rock and my favorite tones are in the AC/DC to AIC range.

2011 PRS CU24 (Black/Gold), Carvin Legacy 3
I bought one 3 day ago and think it's a great amp (might be a bit biased though).

It can definately do those kind of tones, however I found it to be a rather throaty, thick and saturated sounding amp with a rather tame top end (might be because of my Strat's Atomic humbucker though, I find it a bit lacking in the treble range, especially compared to the singlecoils). It's not the typical AC/DC-like Marshall crunch or the hotrodded AIC overdrive tone IMO, but cool sounding nonetheless.