Hey guys,

Well, if you can't be in AC/DC at least you can jam with them live using this backing track : http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/search.php (type Back in Black in the search menu, I used live version number 1)

They do some awesome backing tracks on this site, that one even has the vocals on without guitars. Top stuff!

Anyway, I played all the guitars in, the original guitars were cut out the L and R channels of the backing track so it's just drums bass and vocals + me. Enjoy!


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Cheers man Used a TC Nova System for the drive then used guitar rig 4 to simulate the cab, saves me messing about setting up me amp and mics, does the job anyway!
Dang another good cover. You have a really nice tone in this cover. What guitar are you using?
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Dang another good cover. You have a really nice tone in this cover. What guitar are you using?

Thanks man - I'm using a Gibson Custom, but I've done some work on it. Changed the pick ups for Alnico 2s and changed all the hardware to chrome.

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Ohhh man that is a nice set up, and it looks soo majestic and clean! How much did it cost you all together?

Can you check out my cover?

I brought it new in 2001 for £1000 there was a "factory fault" on it so I got a huge discount. The guys at the store couldn't find out what it was, about 2 years ago I found it was just the nut was slightly out of alinement's with the bridge so the high E wasn't quite sitting correctly down the neck and one of the pots was faulty which I replaced.

Accidentally knocked it off me stand once n broke the headstock... it wasn't pretty at all. Had to have it completely re-glued on. All the chrome stuff I is official Gibson parts, I got them pretty cheap in a clearance sale cost me about £100 for all of it. Also, had all the frets stoned down so I could lower the action a little more, plays like a beast! She's a right war horse my guitar!
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